11 October 2012

I like ponies. So I drew one


08 October 2012

A Sudden Return

Dear blog,

I know it has been a while since I've paid attention to you. However, I feel that It is about time that I've returned.

Time to make some ch-ch-changes and post more art.




(probably tomorrow)

22 March 2011

Mandatory Training to Own or Carry a Firearm

So, the Truth About Guns has a post wondering why people who carry guns are not required to take a Training Course on how to use their weapons in a self defense situation. The blogger notes the overall sloppiness of this self defense shooting here and believes that training would have been a good thing for that clerk to have under his belt. Now I'm (hiro) all for training. Training is good! Training helps people react correctly to situations that can occur in a split second and can potentially make the shoot out 'safer.' So why not have mandatory training for gun owners? Everyone should be competent with their weapon.

Seems like an innocent enough request, yes?


Mandatory training would be a regulation of gun ownership. That is less than ideal. I would have to say "no" to this. Skip to the bottom to see the short version.

Now to my rhetoric:

Now just who decides whether the class you took counts as gun training? Oh, I guess it will have to be THE GOVERNMENT.

(ARGGHHH, dis gubberment be takin' mah gunz!!!!)

The state needs to either issue these licenses or accept any form of proof of training. Either way, this proposition will be putting gun owners through a political minefield that changes every month. That's a frog and a cheese grater type of situation *scrape scrape*

How would you ensure all gun owners are trained? Who enforces this? What if you don't have the proof of training for your shotgun at home? Would you need the proof of training on your person when carrying? It's another forced form of identification. It's a restriction. Another straw on the camel's back, really. It goes from more regulation to "honey, I'm calling in sick because I'm out shootin' the government!" type of thing (no, i'm not a member of a militia)

While I would like to have all shooters well trained, I can see many ways that this can be manipulated by the folks at the Brady Campaign and other (formerly) premier gun control organizations. It's just not a good idea.

I can think of plenty of ways for this to go terribly wrong:

  • Only these classes taught by such and such or from the government will count as training (arbitrary restrictions)
  • We will charge you for these classes. If you can't afford it, too bad. (Economic factoring)
  • If you don't have this training, you can't buy a gun or carry it, ever. We will arrest your ass if you are carrying without proof of training. (More ways to catch gun owners with their pants down)
  • There's not enough interest in gun ownership, so the government will no longer issue proof of training papers. Or gun crime is too high; the government will not recognize proof training anymore. No one will be allowed to carry or purchase guns because you can't get the training for them (Oh, I guess they really were trying to ban guns!)

See. Exploitable.

Now going into a hypothetical circumstance:

There are always small subsets of individuals that buy a weapon as last minute protection. There's no denying that this happens.

So a lady just got out of an abusive relationship - she decides to buy and carry a gun while waiting for the restraining order to go through. But oh wait, she can't get a gun because she has to take training first! Even if she can get a gun and keep it in her home, she won't be able to have that blanket of security outside of the house when she is most vulnerable. Congratulations on restricting her ability to choose how to defend herself from a vengeful boyfriend.

While these folk don't form the majority of gun owners, to deny these individuals the right to defend themselves with the most effective tool is morally questionable. I would like to use the gun-controller's mantra here: "even if it only saves one person!" However, unlike the gun banners, not requiring training keeps the right to bear arms accessible to the greatest number of people while saving the life of "that one person." (oh hell, there are tons of people that could use the best chance you can give them. Why deny them it if they are law abiding citizens?)

Here's my position in brief.

Mandatory training should NEVER be implemented. Let people get their guns without training, as they will be held accountable for where each bullet lands anyways. Responsible gun owners will go and get training or at least practice at the range by themselves when they have time or the money to do so. But forcing individuals to seek training with rule of law is pushing the issue too much and is very exploitable by gun-controllers.

04 February 2011

This counts as top news?

I have a news feeds on my igoogle page that I use very heavily. The two big entities that I pull news from are CNN and BBC. The top stories from BBC involve the situation in Cairo, US joblessness, and corruption charges in the Pakistani Cricketing sport. A very nice spread of worthwhile news.

But what is CNN giving me? One good article about Pakistan's cabinet, but a crap article on a "football players are people too" and that Miley Cyrus got a fifth tattoo.

*Sigh* So this is what constitutes as your top stories, CNN? I don't know who I'm supposed to be disappointed in: the US population that push these crap articles to the top or CNN for just failing at decently reporting news.

Either way. Bye bye CNN news widget. You're taking up valuable real-estate on my igoogle dashboard.

22 December 2010

Search String: Guns and growing up

My readership has hit an all time low, probably because of the lack of content. However I am getting some interesting search strings. One of which is this:

do kids realize how powerful a gun is

Interesting. I will draw from my own experiences for this.

I wasn't raised around guns as a kid at all. They were these things that I see in cartoons. I saw starter guns, the Elmer Fudd shotgun, and I saw flashy beam guns on Power Rangers. I would make believe with guns all the time - it was the thing to kill monsters and evil bad guys. But in my mind, I never fully understood guns.

Fast forward a bit until I was in 5th grade. That was when Columbine happened. I remember all the teachers being very hush-hush about the subject; they knew that they should talk to us kids about it but words were hard to come by. The teachers assured us that we were safe in our school and to their credit, I don't remember once hearing about guns being used in the massacre. Rather, they told us that the acts were done by very disturbed people. I think this was instrumental in my development as a gun owner. It was the disturbed individuals that committed the act; not the guns. But that's something for me to write about later.

Now, I remember visiting my grandparents in Philadelphia one time with my cousins. We were running around the place like the little children we were when a rumor started spreading around that there was a gun in the house. So as curious demons, we started looking around for the thing. I wasn't the one that found it, but soon we all flocked together to look at it. I remember that the gun was an old semi-automatic. It was rusted on the inside and the slide and barrel were missing. All we found was the frame.

And thank God that the gun wasn't operable, because we were stupid children and didn't know any better. Something bad could have happened there. Because we didn't know. We were never taught.

So, going back to the search string/question. "Do kids realize how powerful a gun is?"

I would personally say "no," because no one taught me about guns and safety. I ended up learning on my own about it when I started considering gun ownership during 2009. Now if a child grew up with a father that hunted, or was raised by a responsible gun owning adult, then yes; they would probably know about the dangers of firearms. They would be safe around them.

I guess my final point is that kids will not know about the dangers of irresponsible firearms use unless they are taught about it by some guardian or another. It's in the same lines of drug and sex education. All kids will be ignorant of dangers until someone tells them about it. Since there are really no school sanctioned programs for teaching firearms safety the way there are anti-drug and sex education programs, then it's up to the parents to make sure kids know the rules around firearms.

18 December 2010

Reading Level

Google added a new search filter based on reading levels. Here are the results of several prominent gun bloggers

Here's mine.

reading level

Odd algorithm is odd. It's throwing out fairly unusual results

17 December 2010

Friday Fun

Oh look! More cats

10 December 2010

Friday Fun

I'm a cat person

08 December 2010

Sick & My First Handgun

I have fallen sick and I can't get up again! It's some kind of respiratory infection, so I'm coughing and sneezing and my nose is running everywhere. I usually don't get sick; probably only once a year I get hit hard with some type of illness. I think the road trip to visit my sister in Wisconsin was what got me immuno-compromised.

Anyways, my motivation to do anything is shot to hell as well as my energy levels. I've been sleeping on lab tables to recoup lost energy.

I clearly needed a pick me up.

So I went to Lancaster Gun Dealer LLC and bought me a Kel-Tec PF-9. This will be my first handgun! As I previously stated, I do want some other guns (gun store had a very nice Walther P22 ) but I do have to start from somewhere. They'll be shipping it to the store since they didn't have any in stock, so I'll have to wait a bit before I can get my small grubby hands on it. Hopefully I can get to a range and just have fun getting used to its ridiculously long double-action trigger and sharp recoil.

02 December 2010

Crunch Time

The semester beginning to come to a close. That means a lot of writing, studying and a whole lot of anxiety. I honestly need to make a schedule for myself because I get so easily distracted by other- oh look a pigeon! I've gotten addicted to an MMO type game too, which isn't helping anything at all. I'm going to try can cut off that addiction cold turkey. But yes, I am chugging a long, getting bits here and there done. But school is really eating up my drive to do anything other than sleep. I can't wait for this to be over and done with.

Also, I'm happy to see that my other friends' (Tecum Obeam Lubens and Thoughts of a Squandering Life) semesters are going well. And to my internet buddies: Congrats to Lucrative Pain for a semester well done despite having to deal with kids and such. I really respect someone that can balance life and school at the same time. Best of luck next semester for y'all!